Welcome to the Landscape Ecology and Spatial Analysis (LESA) lab, directed by Dr. Yolanda Wiersma. Please use the links above to navigate my site. Here’s the LESA Lab News for this month.

August 2015

Check out the new website for a collaborative research group in Terrestrial Ecology that I am a part of! Visit it here.

Summer is always a bit of a blur of research activities and writing, plus squeezing in some fun and R & R.

I recently got back from a few days on Fogo with my colleague Max – we went to visit Matt in the field. We got out on a fishing boat to check cod pots, and worked out a new beach survey protocol (dubbed “the Fogo protocol”) to survey for marine microplastics on rocky beaches. We also visited one of the 4 corners of the earth.

File 2015-08-10, 10 39 12 AM

Brimstone Head on Fogo island is alledgedly one of the four corners of the earth…

File 2015-08-10, 10 39 27 AM

Brimstone Head – don’t fall off!

File 2015-08-10, 10 38 55 AM

Matt setting up a quadrat for the Fogo protocol

File 2015-08-10, 10 39 51 AM

I also got out to my lichen site a few times and had awesome help from WISE summer student Rebecca.

File 2015-08-10, 10 37 35 AM

And, in a few of the sunny days we had, I caught some rays and worked on some papers.


Finally, a special issue on the topic of “Protected Areas and Sustainable Forest Management” which I edited is out in Conservation and Society. See the complete Table of Contents here.

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