Welcome to the Landscape Ecology and Spatial Analysis (LESA) lab, directed by Dr. Yolanda Wiersma. Please use the links above to navigate my site. Here’s the LESA Lab News for this month.

November 2020

The big event in the lab this month was Bella’s exit seminar – delivered online, which made it a little less celebratory… however, the online nature meant her mom could attend, as well as some former lab mates, which was cool!

Congratulations to lab alumni Patrick on the acceptance of the third and final chapter from his MSc thesis!

  1. Lauriault P, YF Wiersma. Accepted. Habitat restrictions over space and time influence the micro-niche and rarity of tree-dwelling cyanolichens. The Lichenologist.

A paper that was announced as accepted last month is now out in Early View:

Balluffi-Fry J, SJ Leroux, YF Wiersma, TR Heckford, M Rizzuto, IC Richmond, E Vander Wal. Accepted. A multiscale test of selection for plant elemental variation by moose reveals individual-based trade-offs of forage quantity and quality. Ecology and Evolution. doi: 10.1002/ece3.6975

**LESA Lab News Archives here

****To see stories from the LESA Lab in the Media click here

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