Welcome to the Landscape Ecology and Spatial Analysis (LESA) lab, directed by Dr. Yolanda Wiersma. Please use the links above to navigate my site. Here’s the LESA Lab News for this month.

November 2017

November kicks off with two papers accepted… not bad!

First off – congrats to alumnus Shad Mahlum who took the time and put in the effort to do a additional analysis post MSc (effectively equivalent to another thesis chapter), which we published in Restoration Ecology. This paper looked at data on fish movement across 4 restored culverts in Terra Nova National park. We compared how one would intrepret “success” with different metrics and using a full BACI (before-after-control-impact) vs. a B-A or C-I comparison.

Mahlum S, D Cote, YF Wiersma, C Pennell, B Adams. Accepted. Does restoration work? It depends on how we measure success. Restoration Ecology.


Also my colleague Darren Sleep (NCASI) and I had a paper accepted from a project we’ve been chipping away at for awhile. We did some simulation modelling to assess how much protected area would need to be allocated in the boreal forest ecozone under different target scenarios.

Wiersma YF and DJH Sleep. Accepted. The effect of target setting on conservation in Canada’s boreal: what is the right amount of area to protect? Biodiversity and Conservation.


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