Welcome to the Landscape Ecology and Spatial Analysis (LESA) lab, directed by Dr. Yolanda Wiersma. Please use the links above to navigate my site. Here’s the LESA Lab News for this month.

October 2020

The lab had a flurry of paper acceptances this fall – some of which were announced on previous posts. Now we have links to most of them. They feature papers by alumni Tegan Padgett and Rachel Wigle, as well as from our past guest visitor Jennifer Doering. Finally there are two papers from the TERG group, one led by WEEL lab member Julianna and one led by my fellow PI Dr. Leroux. References are below:

  1. Balluffi-Fry J, SJ Leroux, YF Wiersma, TR Heckford, M Rizzuto, IC Richmond, E Vander Wal. Accepted. A multiscale test of selection for plant elemental variation by moose reveals individual-based trade-offs of forage quantity and quality. Ecology and Evolution.
  2. Doering, JA, T Booth, YF Wiersma, MD Piercey-Normore. Accepted. Inferences about dispersal model for the semi-aquatic lichenised alga Diplosphaera chodatii using spatial modelling. BMC Ecology.
  3. Padgett TA, YF Wiersma. 2020. Importance of boreal forested swamps for arboreal macrolichen communities. Canadian Journal of Forest Research. Online first: https://doi.org/10.1139/cjfr-2020-0042
  4. Wigle RD, YF Wiersma, A Arsenault, RT McMullin. 2020. Drivers of arboreal lichen community structure and diversity across scales. Botany. Online first: http://dx.doi.org/10.1139/cjb-2020-0061
  5. Leroux SJ, YF Wiersma, E Vander Wal. 2020. Herbivore impacts on carbon cycling in boreal forests. Trends in Ecology & Evolution. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.tree.2020.07.009

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