I am a member of the Memorial University Faculty Association (MUNFA) and am on strike as of Monday January 30th, 2023. This means I will not be answering work related communications (e.g., email, phone), teaching, or attending meetings outside of union activities until we have received a fair deal at MUN.

Until a fair deal is reached, I urge you to contact the following individuals to voice your support for a fair deal at MUN so that we can end our strike:

·       President and Vice Chancellor Dr. Vianne Timmons Tel: 709-864-8212 Fax: 709-864-2059 Email: president@mun.ca or vtimmons@mun.ca

·       Provost and Vice-President Dr. Neil Bose 709-864-8246 Email: vpacad@mun.ca or nbose@mun.ca

·       Vice-President (advancement and external relations) Lisa Browne Tel: 709-864-8012 Email: vpaer@mun.ca or lisa.browne@mun.ca

·       Vice-President (Grenfell Campus) Ian Sutherland Tel: 709-639-2545 Email: isutherland@mun.ca

·       Premier of Newfoundland Labrador Andrew Furey  Tel: 709-635-0132 Fax: 709-635-0133 Email: premier@gov.nl.ca or andrewfurey@gov.nl.ca

·       Minister of Education John Haggie Tel: 709-256-3729 Fax: 709-256-1410 Email: johnhaggie@gov.nl.ca

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