Welcome to the Landscape Ecology and Spatial Analysis (LESA) lab, directed by Dr. Yolanda Wiersma. Please use the links above to navigate my site. Here’s the LESA Lab News for this month.

September 2017

Happy Academic New Year!

Tegan has wrapped up her field work and Travis finsihed up a large amount of plant survey work. He’ll head out this fall to help with snowshoe hare live trapping, and Rachel and I are going out to do a few lichen surveys locally this fall.

In publication news, my colleagues Shawn Leroux and Eric Vander Wal, with a pile of grad students, have a paper accepted in Ecology Letters on our Ecological Stoichiometry work! Details to follow.

As well, Miguel’s second paper is now out in the Wilson Journal of Ornithology.

Mejías M, DB Wingate, J Madeiros, YF Wiersma, GJ Robertson. 2017. Nest-cavity selection and nesting success of Bermuda White-Tailed Tropicbirds (Phaethon lepturus catesbyi). The Wilson Journal of Ornithology 129: 586-599.

Also, a blog post I wrote for the “Applied Ecologist” blog is up. It’s about restoration of connectivity and highlights a paper I handled as AE for the Journal of Applied Ecologists. You can read the post here.

Wildlife overpass in Banff National Park, Canada (source: WikiPedant at WikiMedia Commons)




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