Sites I am involved with: – this is a Citizen Science website established by me, for people to post sightings and learn to ID plants and animals of the province. – this is a “one-stop shop” for Ocean Data

statsR – this a Wiki page my students and I started to document their tips and tricks for learning and using R.

Sites visitors here might be interested in:

Biology Department main page – use this to find out more about what my awesome colleagues do, and figure out why you might want to come do a degree with us.

US-IALE – the US chapter of the International Association of Landscape Ecology is the main academic society I identify with. I’m currently on their executive.

Society for Conservation GIS – BEST low-budget association I’ve ever been involved with. Their LISTSERV alone is worth the price of joining.

Ecological Society of America – some good resources for students.

Sites I like or visit often:

The Globe and Mail – Canada’s National Newspaper

CBC Music – what I listen to at work

Bayern Radio – what I listed to at work when I want to keep up my German

Research Gate – it’s the Facebook for academics

Major League Baseball – my guilty pleasure is listening to the Jays on internet radio.

The Met Online – No, not the NY Mets (I’m a Jays fan…) The Metropolican Opera. Yes, I like opera AND baseball. Actually the two have a lot in common, I think.

So what’s so cool about Newfoundland and Labrador? (websites that will make you want to come here)

Offical Newfoundland and Labrador toursim website – your spot for pics of whales, icebergs and jellybean houses

City of St. John’s – everything you need to know about municipal affairs (except sidewalk snow clearing)

Ferryland Lighthouse – my fave spot on the entire island for a picnic lunch.

Terra Nova National Park – Gros Morne gets all the tourism attention, but this park is a sweet gem!

Wonderful World of Whiteway – we’ve stayed at these cottages. Amazing hosts, and I love Jerry’s blog. It captures the spirit of life “round the Bay” so well.

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