Courses Taught

BIOL 2600 – Principles of Ecology

Calendar Description: This course is a conceptual course introducing the principles of ecology, including theoretical, functional and empirical approaches.

BIOL 2041 – Modern Biology and Human Society II
Calendar Description: This course examines the origins and consequences of the environmental crisis of the 20th century. Topics include the population explosion, energy, material cycles, air and water and land pollution, global food supplies, the fisheries, wildlands, renewable and non-renewable resources, environmental ethics.

BIOL 7935 Advances and Applications in GIS for Landscape Ecology and Conservation Biology

Calendar Description: This course will provide graduate students will an introduction to the ways in which Geographic Information Systems (GIS) can be applied to research in landscape ecology and conservation biology. Through directed readings and group discussions, students will gain an understanding of basic theory and will receive instruction on various software applications specific to landscape ecology. In consultation with the instructor, students will be expected to work independently towards completion of a project. One hour group discussion and 3-6 hours of independent lab work/week.

BIOL 4405 – Landscape Ecology

Calendar Description: Landscape ecology is an introduction to the theory and principles of landscape pattern and processes, including issues related to scale, networks, landform and vegetation patterns, species distributions, and natural and human-caused aspects of landscape change. Three hours of lecture and three hours of laboratory per week.

Syllabus for Winter 2018 offering is here.


One year one of the groups presented on the landscape they studied for the semester, which was the European Alps. For their final presentation, they brought in the Alps as Cupcakes.



BIOL 4911 – Applied Biology

This is a course we teach at our Harlow Campus, in England, which I have particpated in occassionally. We take students to some of the interesting biology-related sites around the Greater London area.

canon_oct2011 1041

Down House – Charles Darwin house

canon_oct2011 685

Minsmere RSBP Site

canon_oct2011 511

Kew Gardens

canon_oct2011 1025

Chelsea Flower Show


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