During the recent MUNFA strike, I was a picket captain on a shift with people from various units. My co-captain, Dr. David Gill (Faculty of Education) organized a “Lectures on the Line” series, as a way to pass the time on the picket line and learn informally from each other. We had requests to record these, which we shared via social media during the strike and which are archived here. Apologies for the sound quality!

Lecture 1: Dr. Craig Moore, Faculty of Medicine “Everything you wanted to know about MS in 5-10 minutes”

Lecture 2: Dr. Matt Parsons, Faculty of Medicine “This is your brain on strike

Lecture 3: Dr. Diana De CarvallhoSitting: the good, the bad, and the ugly

Lecture 4: Dr. Yolanda WiersmaLichens and landscapes- what can little things tell us about big things in ecology?

Lecture 5: Dr. Roger Chafe, Department of Pediatrics “How do you define a research project?” Part 1. Part 2.

Lecture 6: Dr. Cathy Balsom & Dr. Jeremy MacDonald, School of Pharmacy “Too many pills cause more Ills – Deprescribing at the MTS Clinic

Lecture 7: Dr. Jennifer Shea, Faculty of Medicine “Community based participatory research

Lecture 8: Dr. Joelle Rodway, Faculty of Education “Organizations as social ecosystems

Drawing by Lindsay Alcock (MUN Librarian)