LESA Lab News

February 2015

The first paper based on sightings from nlnature.com is out. This is based on a sighting of a new mosquito species to the province, which was made by a member at nlnature.com. Entomologists at Memorial University confirmed it, and have published the report of this new occurrence in The Canadian Entomologist. Read it here.

Yolanda was elected as a co-chair of WERAC (Wilderness and Ecological Reserves Advisory Council) this month. I’m looking forward to working with a great team!

Despite the winter weather, we’re still seeing sightings posted on NLNature.com! Some of these might be result of an online-experiment in gamification by Computer Science/Psychology Honours Student Ryan Murphy. Check out nlnature.com

With colleagues in Geography, History, and the Environmental Policy Institute at Grenfell Campus, I’m hosting a free public film screeing called “Pulp Friction” this month (Feb. 5) Read more details on the event here.

Pulp Friction Screening

January 2014

Happy new year from the LESA lab!

Yolanda is part of a special issue in Scholarly Review and Communications in which Canadian scientists reflect on their careers and the “state of science”. You can read her piece here.

Congratulations to LESA lab Alumna Nyssa – whose work has just been accepted for publication in the Natural Areas Journal. This citation is:

    Van Vierssen Trip N, YF Wiersma. A comparison of All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) trail impacts on boreal habitats across scales. Natural Areas Journal.


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