Workshop Agenda


“The Social-Natural Science Interface in the Coastal Zone”

 Thursday May 24, in Nexus Centre (SN 4022)

1:00 pm:               INTRODUCTIONS, housekeeping, icebreaker

1:20 pm:               THEME 1: Communicating

  • Principles of effective communication
  • Jargon issues
  • Introduction to the “message box”

2:20 pm:               THEME 2: Understanding

  • What are the social sciences?
  • Working with traditional knowledge holders and First Nations (guest presenter Aranu Jayawardane)

3:00 pm:               COFFEE BREAK in SN 2025

3:30 pm:               THEME 2: Understanding (continued)

4:00 pm:               THEME 3: Action

  • Using Citizen Science as a tool

4:45 pm:               Wrap-up discussion

  • Pros and cons of interdisciplinary research

5:00 pm:               Adjournment


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