Access workshop

This page provides resources and readings for those who participated in my workshop held as part of the Access 2018 meeting at Memorial. Anyone stumbling on this page is welcome to avail of these resources too!

Workshop Agenda – click here to see the agenda for the half-day workshop

Power Point Slides – click here to see the slides from the workshop and here for the slides from my “keynote” on citizen science.


Suggested Readings 


Bennett, Nathan J. et al. 2017. Conservation social science: understanding and integrating human diemnsion to improve conservationBiological Conservation 205: 93-108.

Bennett, Nathan J. et al. 2016. Mainstreaming the social sciences in conservation.Conservation Biology 31: 56-66.

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Wiersma, Yolanda F. 2014. What kind of scientist are you? Science and interdisciplinary researchScholarly and Research Communication 5(1): 1-9.



Baron, Nancy. 2010. Escape from the Ivory Tower: a guide to making your science matter. Island Press.

McGinnis, Michael Vincent. 2016. Science and Sensibility: Negotiating an ecology of place. University of California Press.


Suggested Resources

Resources and programs for communicating sciennce

Resources for citizen science